N3 series driver
N3 series driver
N3 series driver
N3 series driver
N3 series driver
N3 series driver

N3 series driver

Product description: N3 series servo drives are 20% smaller than N2, reducing the size of the cabinet. Support 0.2kW-0.75kW,

The entire series has built-in STO and dynamic braking functions, supports EtherCAT communication protocol, and High-speed real-time communication with the host computer.

Power range: 0.2kW~0.75kW

Voltage level: 220V level







Installation Precautions

Please ensure that the installation direction is verticalto the wall. Use natural convection or fans to cool the servo drive. Securely fix the servo drive to the mounting surface through 2 to 4 mounting holes (the number of mounting holes varies depending on the capacity). When installing, please face the front of the servo drive to the operator and make it vertical to the wall.

Cooling ensures cooling by fans and natural convection,please refer to the diagram below to leave enough space around the drive. Please install a cooling fan on the upper part of the servo drive. In order to prevent the ambient temperature of the servo drive from being locally too high, the temperature in the electrical cabinet must be kept uniform.


Install side by side:

When installed side by side, it is recommended to leave a gap of more than 30mm on both sides of the lateral side (V1 specification, fanless structure, using side heat sinks for heat dissipation, so a 30mm gap must be left). There should be at least a 50mm gap between the first and last drives and the side of the cabinet.


Be sure to connect the ground terminal to the ground, otherwise there may be a risk of electric shock or interference that may cause malfunction.

Cabling requirements:

When wiring the driver, please be careful to prevent liquid from adhering to the surface of the cable, causing the liquid to flow into the driver along the cable.