SA30 Series
SA30 Series

SA30 Series

Product description: SA30 series controller complies with IEC-61131-3 standard and PLCopen standard, and supports ST, LD, SFC, and CFC programming languages. Common industrial control interfaces such as USB, RS485, Ethernet, and CAN are integrated internally. It comes with local IO, supports 16 channels of input and 16 channels of sink output, and supports EtherCAT, MODBUS-TCP, CANopen, RS485, etc. for remote rack expansion, supporting more I/O points. It is widely used in industrial automation and production line automation scenarios.


1. Based on the INTEL-X86 processor hardware platform, a variety of performance specifications can be selected;

1. Based on the INTEL-X86 processor hardware platform, a variety of performance specifications can be selected

3. Integrated Kossi intelligence multi-axis control and robot control;

4. Using Windows system, open structure;

5. Process libraries for multiple industries;

6. Military-grade manufacturing quality.



Rail installation

① Pull down all the buckles on the back of all modules in the module group (as shown in Figure 1). It should be pulled until it clicks.


图 1下拉卡扣

②, direction A, hang the fixing claw on the upper side of the module to the upper side of the guide rail, and press the module set firmly according to direction B in Figure 2 until it is fully embedded in the guide rail.


图 2安装模块1

③ After locking the buckle of the module, embed it into the guide rail. Press upward until it clicks, as shown in Figure 3. If your fingers cannot reach the buckle, you should use tools such as a screwdriver and remember to use excessive torque.


图 3安装模块2


Power supply (VDC)两组24VDC(-15%~20%)
Rated input current (excluding I/0 current)500mA
Rated power (not counting 1/0)12W
Program memory256MB
Variable memory(Q,I,M)各512KB
Variable memory retained during power failure2MB + 512KB(M区)
Minimum task cycle250μs
USB interface1xUSB2.0
COM interface3*RS485+1*CAN
Working altitude2000m
Electromagnetic CompatibilityClass B
Network interface1*1000Mbps+2*100Mbps
Working environment工作温度: 0°C~50°C,工作湿度:5°C~95°C (无凝露)
Storage environment存储温度: -40°C~80℃,存储湿度:5°C~95°C (无凝露)
Protection levelIP20

Note: Supports CPU and memory Customization. For details, please consult Kossi Company () for parameters of models with I0 version.

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