N2 series driver
N2 series driver
N2 series driver

N2 series driver

Product description: N2 series high-performance servo drives adopt a new design and have a sophisticated appearance. Supports 0.2kW-15kW, larger capacity and powerful performance. It has a variety of peripheral ports and supports second encoder and analog input and output functions. Equipped with STO and dynamic braking functions, it is safer.

N2 series servo drives and motors are widely used in lithium battery, photovoltaic, packaging, food and other industries.

Power range: 0.2KW~15KW

Encoder: Tamagawa encoder, EnDat, Panasonic, Nikon, ABZ

Voltage level: 220V level 380V level







1〉The installation direction of the product must be verticalto the direction of the wall, otherwise it may cause malfunction.       

2〉Use natural convection or fan cooling to cool the servo system.       

3> Use 3 mounting holes to firmly fix the servo unit on the mounting surface (the installation direction is as shown in Figure 1, vertical installation).       

4〉In order to make the cooling fan have a relatively low wind resistance and effectively dissipate heat, please be sure to comply with the installation standards. This standard is applicable to situations where multiple servo units are installed side by side in the control cabinet.

5〉In product specifications, size A and E are ≥100mm, size B is ≥50mm, and size C is ≥10mm (Note: Size C of A1, A2, and A3 specifications is ≥10mm, size C of B1 and B2 specifications is ≥20mm, and size C of B3 specification is ≥30mm. ), D size ≥ 120mm.    

6> Orientation of the servo unit: When installing, please make the front of the servo unit face the operator and make it verticalto the installation surface.       

7> In order to prevent the ambient temperature of the servo unit from being locally too high, it is necessary to maintain a uniform temperature in the control cabinet and add an exhaust fan.